We are committed to environmental justice through...

Redressing the inequities brought about through undemocratic, racist policies, laws, and actions that have denied resources and imposed damaging urban projects fragmenting the community, its institutions and culture. 

Restoring the community through lifting up the voices of its residents, seeking allocation of resources, and addressing the structural barriers to achieving our residents' aspirations. 

Renewing the community's healthy, interconnected, sustainable economic, cultural, and spiritual environment. 

A Call to the Environmental Community

The environmental movement has a history of racism and exclusion. To dismantle the systems that have allowed this to happen, we're partnering with Mandi McAlister of Hummingbird to Build a Multiracial Environmental Community through collective study and action. 

We invite individuals to learn about white supremacy and racism in our community and in the environmental movement so we can effectively dismantle it. We'll work through Layla F. Saad's book, Me and White Supremacy, while taking action along with local Black, Indigenous, and leaders of color working against racism. To join the collective study and action, please sign up here

We also invite environmental organizations here in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin to become committed partners in this work. As committed partners, we're committed to:

  • Identifying the ways our organization and/or the environmental community is upholding white supremacy and working to dismantle them. 

  • Ensuring our work is intersectional, or seeking to understand the intersection of social and environmental justice issues. 

  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable.

  • Supporting one another in reaching our individual and collective goals.

  • Showing up with all our hearts.

To become a committed partner, please fill out this form. 

Committed Partners

Special Acknowledgements

This program is inspired by the following anti-racism educators and activists. we encourage you to get to know them and support their work: August Ball, Ibram X. KendiLayla F. Saad, and Leah Thomas

Thank you to Sandra Jones for her guidance throughout this project. Thank you to David Thomas of Nearby Nature for his assistance in launching this project.