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Milwaukee Environmental Consortium (MEC) began as a way to bring local environmental organizations and projects together under one roof, fostering collaboration through shared space and resources. Over the years, MEC was able to incubate new initiatives and activate champions for a clean and healthy environment. We're proud to say some of Milwaukee's most successful environmental groups started at MEC, and our current members are rapidly growing to join their ranks! 

MEC has since grown beyond the four walls of our cooperative working spaces to create an environmental coalition that is more inclusive and intersectional, that prioritizes those communities most affected by climate change and other environmental challenges.

Our Mission: 
To join our neighbors in redressing inequalities, restoring community, and renewing the environment through the lens of environmental justice.

Meet Our Team

  • Martha Spencer, Executive Director

  • John Lunz, President

  • Brenda Coley

  • Cassandra Flagg

  • Elizabeth Hittman 

  • Kirsten Shead

Board of Directors

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